«…A repertoire, without proclamations, without posters, without accusations. Men and women just like us, unfortunate, humiliated, alone. And still alive in the incredulous desperation of their gazes. Condemned without have been found guilty of anything, incriminated without ever having committed a crime, only because they are different from everyone else, i.e. individual. Inzerillo determines the path, he inevitably evokes Sigmund Freud and Michel Foucault, and leads the way to a hitherto unseen acknowledgement, a poetry of madness that inspired the young people involved in this project. Sara Pallavicini, Giovanni Lettini and Stefano Morelli. Determined, free, mad. And here is their museum. In art history, even before the sensational cases of Van Gogh and Ligabue, there have been many artists whose minds were racked by torment, who expressed themselves in a visionary and hallucinated language. Each one has a story, a dimension that cannot be measured by means of reality, but by dream instead. And that dream, with complete satisfaction, beyond all torment, represents.»

Vittorio Sgarbi